an imagination designed to inspire.

Simple. In the most interesting way. I just change my mind a lot and my life kinda follows. I take some of the pictures on this little bit of space but I'm not worried about credit. Just wanna share what I know.

Living on your own and paying for everything and working and going to school is very very hard. I legit with I had more time to focus on school cause I know I could be such a good student. but i cant stop working and its so hard to do both.

but i am a fighter and i am gonna keep on going up till I can manage everything smoothly and effortlessly.

I wanna drink wine and get creative tonight

money stuff

i finally stopped raping my savings account with all these expenses and finally just boosted it again. money is like a game to me, and I am beating all you bitches. Work hard. Have lots of money. I guess.

Had a productive day for my sanity.

Expect I skipped all my classes.

But sometimes you need days like that.

I don’t need to be so hard on my self.

Look at all that I have accomplished.

Or maybe that’s why I need to be hard on my self.

Keep my self focused.

Yay for today.


Been cleaning my apartment all day today. And im not gonna stop here I just have to take a short break to work a short night shift at work

  • outfit game: on point
  • mental health game: ?????

I am devastated

I lost all the information on my hard drive.. like everything… I can’t even remember what all was on there.. there was so much stuff. I’ll have to try and recover my data from old computers/flashdrives/phones….

And buy an external… and never let it happen again..

Went and got more shit from my moms to move to my apartment today.. it’s a long fucking process.